Monday, 7 December 2009

Just a Laugh!!

Have you heard the one about the couple who...

hey were looking forward to a good night out in Preston watching comedian Frankie Boyle.

But the last laugh was on David Wilson and his partner after they turned up for the gig one YEAR early.

Mr Wilson, 46, and partner Dawn Rapson, 48, travelled from Burtonwood, Warrington, for the show at the Guild Hall after buying tickets in July.
But their suspicions became aroused by a distinct lack of people outside the venue when they arrived last Wednesday.

After checking the tickets again and seeing Thursday, November 18 printed on them, they first thought they had the wrong day.

But after realising Wednesday was the 18th they then discovered it wasn't the day they had wrong, it was the YEAR.
And they weren't the only ones to get in a muddle – at least another six couples turned up too!

The couple went to the box office to check there had not been a printing error and were told by a security worker that six other couples had made the same mistake.

As they walked disappointed back to the car park, they ran into another couple who had made the same mistake.

And as they tried to give away their car parking ticket, which still had several hours to run on it, they discovered another couple thinking the show was this year.

A spokesman for the Guild Hall said Frankie Boyle's gig on November 18 2010 had sold out overnight.
She added: "When you get big comedians they book their tours so far in advance and they sell out overnight."

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