Wednesday, 8 August 2012


PayPal Enforce Stricter Regulations for File-Sharers

Following the separation from WikiLeaks two years ago, PayPal payment system is currently setting harsh conditions for different file-sharing services.
Recent media reports informed that PayPal has recently changed its Terms of Service, making it harder for file-sharing services to survive. One of the most popular payment services, owned by eBay, is currently demanding that the merchants must prohibit consumers from uploading files containing unauthorized content and promise that people involved in such file transfers will be permanently banned from their service. Moreover, PayPal also requires that merchants must provide the payment portal with free access to their service so its Acceptable Use Policy department could monitor the material.

Thus, a number of cyberlockers already became concerned with the changes, while others, such as the Palo Alto-based MediaFire, claimed that there is little impact of PayPal changes in its Terms of Service. For instance, Putlocker, a British file-sharing website, complained that it was a complete invasion of privacy on PayPal’s part, because it was none of their business what files the consumers want to keep in their accounts. The service says that it has a solid abuse handling policy already, and it does not feel a third party company has any business snooping on its users.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that PayPal might be considered as one of the largest Internet paying services, there are many alternatives in the web, including MoneyBookers and BitCoin. So, if the cyberlockers don’t like the new terms of cooperation with PayPal, they always have a place to move.

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