Friday, 31 August 2012

Good Vibrations?

Vibrator giveaway in NYC back on after premature withdrawal
A condom company's free vibrator giveaway is back on after it had to prematurely withdraw the promotion in New York City.
Hundreds of women - and some men - came out to get the free Trojan sex toys, 10,000 of which were being distributed from "pleasure carts" at hot spots around the city.
But a city official showed up at one of the giveaway locations and pulled the plug because the size of the crowd had swelled to the point it was impeding pedestrian and street traffic, according to the New York Post.
The mayor's office said in a statement to the paper that the event was stopped because it didn't have a permit.
Thousands were left empty-handed when Trojan announced on its Facebook page around 5 p.m. the giveaways had been "postponed."
But the company will get to finish what it started.

Trojan posted an update , saying it had "official NYC permits in hand" and had reloaded the pleasure carts.
"(Wednesday) was just the foreplay...our toe-curling, record breaking Trojan Vibes giveaway will climax today at 5 p.m," the post said, with an invitation to pick up a complimentary vibrator while supplies last: "First come, first served."

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