Monday, 25 January 2010

Taking The “Piss”

Fox urine-spraying man arrested

An American man is facing charges after he allegedly sprayed a crowd of protestors and a police officer with fox urine.

The crowd were protesting outside The Front Room restaurant in Portland, Maine, over the restaurant's alleged violations of labour law - the restaurant owner is currently facing a lawsuit claiming he has violated regulations on wages and working hours.

According to police, the fox urine-spraying man lived in an apartment above the restaurant, although he did not work there. Police have theorised that he may have been annoyed by the protest happening below his residence, hence the fox-urine spraying.

Fox urine is often used as a repellent to drive other animals away from gardens. This presumably explains why the man just happened to have some fox urine lying around the spray the protestors with.

The man was arrested, and faces charges of assault.

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