Friday, 8 January 2010

“Mr Prisoner”

Prisoner sues over address

A British criminal has sued a prison for not calling him 'Mr.'

Bernard Pennington - who was jailed in 1983 after attacking his wife with a machete - tried to sue David Luckett, of the Independent Monitoring Board, for referring to him as "prisoner Pennington" in a letter.

The 63-year-old man had written to the board's voluntary chair, David Luckett, to complain about his treatment at the Kingston Prison in Portsmouth.

Mr. Luckett replied to the letter - because the Independent Monitoring Board keep an eye on the running of life at the prison - but failed to refer to him as 'Mr. Pennington'.

Pennington then tried to sue the 68-year-old chair for $483.

Mr. Luckett said: "It was a mischievous allegation and a waste of time and money."

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