Monday, 2 July 2012

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Man catches fire after applying sunscreen
Sunscreen can protect the skin from sunburns, but watch out for barbecue burns.
Sunscreen maker Banana Boat is conducting an investigation into its product after reports a Massachusetts man went up in flames after spraying himself with sunscreen while barbecuing.
Brett Sigworth told CBS Boston affiliate WBZ-TV it all happened very quickly.
"I sprayed on the spray-on sunscreen, and then rubbed it on for a few seconds. I walked over to my grill, took one of the holders to move some of the charcoal briquettes around and all of a sudden it went up my arm," the Stow, Mass., man told the station.
"I went into complete panic mode and screamed ... I've never experienced pain like that in my life."
Sigworth suffered second-degree burns on his chest, ear and back. Photos provided to the TV station show the lines where he sprayed the sunscreen that caught fire.

The sunscreen label warns the contents are flamable, and not to use it near heat, but Sigworth said he didn't expect it to catch fire once it was applied to skin.
Banana Boat responded in a statement that it will look into the how this happened.
"We take these matters very seriously and will begin a prompt investigation as we continue to strive to deliver products of the highest quality to our consumers," the company's statement reads.

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