Monday, 16 July 2012

All In A Name?

Programme misprint 'ruins violinist's life'

A Bengali violinist says his life has been "destroyed" after his name was replaced by a rude word in an official festival programme.
Abdul Shahid said he has been subjected to "immense ridicule" after his first name was written as "bal" which means "pubic hair" in Bengali.
More than 85,000 copies of the programme were circulated by Tower Hamlets council for the annual Baishakhi Mela Festival last year.
Mr Shahid, 43, a father-of-four, is now suing Tower Hamlets for more than £300,000 for damages, reports the London Evening Standard.
He claims he has been subject to "immense ridicule, taunting and humiliation" which rendered him unable to work.
Prior to the misprint, Mr Shadid performed across the world, including nine times in America, and was regularly broadcast on Bengali TV channels.
"My name has been destroyed, it's a disaster. Everybody in this community knows me," he said.
"When I go outside everyone who knows me and my family are like 'woo, woo, woo', making fun of me. They say 'Bal, Bal' and I am ashamed.
"I have lost my livelihood. I was a very popular player, but since this has happened, I haven't been out of the house much at all. I only feel comfortable going out at night."
A spokeswoman for Tower Hamlets council said: "A claim has been issued against the council which it is in the process of defending."

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