Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Spanish Kneel Before The Mighty USA

US Demanded Spain to Adopt SOPA Policy

The United States of America told Spain that if it doesn’t introduce legislation similar to SOPA, it will face a trade blacklist. Currently the SOPA bill is being pushed through in the United States by a number of lawmakers depending on campaign donations from different members of the entertainment industry.
American authorities have been demanding other states to introduce similar police-state style acts. According to the media reports, some leaked letter sent to Spain’s outgoing President by the American ambassador to the country contained a warning that unless passing SOPA-style censorship legislation, the country risked being put on a US trade blacklist. And it looks like the warning worked, because the new Spanish government is currently working with the United States to hand over its legal system to the entertainment industry so they are able to lock up who and when they like. It was a kind of days of Franco, but in this case there was no civil war to remove human rights in Spain first.

A Wikileaks cable has recently revealed the America’s heavy handed treatment of an EU member. That’s where a controversial draft of a new Spanish copyright law was proved to have been written by the United States. One more diplomatic leak has shown how the United States was furious that Spanish President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapaterowas wasn’t planning to pass the America-drafted Sinde (website filtering) legislation before leaving office.

The letter was signed by the ambassador of the United States Alan D. Solomont and addressed to the Spanish Prime Minister's office. It has shown that the United States was expressing deep concern over the failure to introduce the SOPA-style filtering legislation. There, Solomont claimed that the authorities failed to finish this work for some political reasons and to the detriment of the reputation and economy of the country. Actually, it wasn’t Solomont’s fault in the last days of the office, as he tried.

Meanwhile, the incoming Partido Popular (translated as People’s Party) was instantly pressured by the United States to introduce the law and bring it in within ten days of taking office. As a result, Spain is broke easily succumbed to the threat of trade retaliation from the United States.

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