Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Oh Bugger!!!

Naked man in La Redoute clothing advert: Fashion faux pas much?

Fashion label La Redoute has faced embarrassment after a picture of a naked man walking into shot behind four children was published on its website.

The unknown nudist was seen wading into the sea in the background of a picture to advertise children’s clothing designed by the label.
The French company apologised and removed the image but not before internet users took screenshots and uploaded them online.
A flurry of discussion both in France and beyond on Twitter and La Redoute’s Facebook page ensued.
One woman expressed her concern at the error, writing: ‘As a mother, I am not happy to see this photograph.’
London-based retail analyst Isabel Cavill tweeted: ‘Not surprised French shoppers are up in arms about this picture from La Redoute. Amazing!!’
Others made light of the picture. One tweeted: ‘The most shocking thing in this photo is the clothes.’
It was described by many on Twitter as a ‘massive PR fail’ but some voiced a more cynical view.
One wrote: ‘Excellent publicity stunt?! I’m putting one on my site.’
A spokeswoman for La Redoute said: ‘We are looking at how this mistake has occurred internally. La Redoute are working on it to get an explanation.
‘Again, La Redoute presents its apologies to customers and internet users.’

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