Saturday, 16 April 2011

Drunk By Proxy?

Teens 'using vodka tampons to get drunk'

Teenagers in Germany have reportedly been urged not to use vodka-soaked tampons to get drunk.

According to The Local, police in the Baden-W├╝rttemburg city of Tuttlingen issued a statement following online claims that teens of both sexes are inserting the sanitary products vaginally or anally in the hope of getting drunk quickly without smelling of alcohol.

The head of a children's clinic in Singen told S├╝dkurier: "I believe this is very dangerous, For us this is a new thing."

The same newspaper claims that a 14-year-old girl collapsed during a street festival in Konstanz after using a vodka tampon.

It is believed that the use of vodka tampons can harm the body internally and cause infections.
However, it has been claimed that reports of young people using feminine hygiene products in such a manner are nothing more than urban legends.

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