Tuesday, 16 June 2009

“Le Gnat” Does It Again!

Le Gnat manages to stick his nose, where it’s not wanted, again.

The President reportedly signed an order to remove Jacques Laisné, the prefect of the Var region…. who has been given no new posting….. after he failed to end a long-running dispute in Cap Nègre, Lavandou, an exclusive Mediterranean coastal area.

This all came about because Sarkozy’s in-laws, the Bruni-Tedeschis, have been locked in a
dispute with locals on the Riviera since 2003 over removing individual septic tanks in favour of the costly, but less smelly alternative: a centralised, communal sewerage system.

In august of last year, Le Gnat, caused a sensation by turning up….uninvited…..to a local meeting about the “shit" removal” issue with his mother in-law Marisa Bruni…….The 58 owners that attend were treated to a statement by Sarkozy that the Government would pay for the expensive new installation of the “shit removal” scheme because the owners said the scheme was too expensive and they would not pay!

The Prefect attended a second meeting at the Bruni-Tedeschi chateau and the deal seemed to be going through on the “nod & wink” principal but with the approach of this years summer vacations looming and still no work being started on the scheme because the Prefect wants to keep the present system and seems to have changed his mind concerning the whole idea in favour of the owners and in stark contrast to Le Gnat’s orders…..He’s been given his marching orders.

This seems to be a repeat of last September….when the former security chief of the island of Corsica was sacked after he failed to prevent nationalists peacefully occupying the holiday villa of Christian Clavier, an actor friend of the President……Then again in January……The top state representative and a police chief were removed from the Manche region after protesters disrupted the President's visit to the area………There has been numerous other occasions when Le Gnat has clearly over stepped the mark and like many opposition figures have said……” Mr Sarkozy seems to be ruling France like a monarch from another age"…….I wonder what “age” that could be??????

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