Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Diego’s Are At It Again

Surprise….Surprise…..The Spaniards are at it again…..At what?….Snatching land back from people who have done nothing illegal but now have because the Socialist Government keep moving the goal posts……This time the actor Antonio Banderas and his wife the actress Melanie Griffith are on the receiving end of a vindictive Spanish Left……After buying a £5 million mansion on the coast near Marbella………..

Over 14,000 square feet of land belonging to the couple will be seized to allow public access to the beach. The confiscated strip lies adjacent to the 40 ft swimming pool at the villa, named La Gaviota is to be seized to make a public access to the beach….Last year he was ordered to demolish part of the six-bedroom property because it was built with a licence issued to the previous owner that should not have been granted. The actor appealed that ruling and a decision is pending.

Thousand of homeowners, including many Britons, risk losing their property in the region after finding themselves the victim of corrupt town hall officials who issued planning permission to builders after illegally reclassifying land.

The Hollywood couple, who bought their home from a previous owner who had all the relevant legal documents, seem to be locked into a constant battle with Government Officials like many other property owning non-Spanish are…..The Spanish authorities have vowed to revoke building licences issued on green belt land in an attempt to rectify overbuilding across 500 miles of Spain's coastline……So the Diego’s are back to their old profession of land grabbing, look what they did in South America, and piracy…..Send the gunboats in to sort them out…..Where’s “Hornblower” and “Sharpe” when you need them!!!!!

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