Friday, 5 July 2013

The Fight Against Piracy…A Solution??

Best Way to Fight against Online Piracy

Netflix’s Chief Content Officer claimed that legitimate alternatives for film enthusiasts are the best way to fight against digital piracy. Ted Sarandos, the man who’s been the head of the company’s content acquisition department for 13 years, explained that people really want a great experience and access – apparently, people are mostly honest. Thus, the best way to fight online piracy isn’t legislatively or criminally but by offering good options.
The matter is that ISPs are forced to publicize their connection speeds, and when Netflix launches in a territory the BitTorrent traffic drops. Nevertheless, everyone already knows that not all of BitTorrent’s activity is about piracy – for example, Netflix’s growth in traffic is not a sign of people stopping from downloading their favorite video content. However, at least a healthy percent switched to legitimate services over unauthorized ones.

BitTorrent Inc. points out that the key thing is that BitTorrent is an Internet protocol, just like HTTP, but it is able to move information better than any other one. Indeed, BitTorrent is an award winning technology that is currently used by Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Blizzard, and even by some genetic researchers and the scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider. Basically, any company moving large data sets uses BitTorrent protocol.

Although people are free to download and upload any content via P2P networks, it becomes more and more obvious that Netflix makes a really valid point: if you offer people what they want and when they want it, then everyone will be satisfied, including copyright owners.

The clear example is the HBO-produced popular TV series “Game of Thrones”. For the last two years, the show had broken records on BitTorrent’s networks, but not because users wanted illegal content, but due to the different timelines of availability or the lack of it. This situation may change, because requests from thousands of people made the pearl of all premium cable services decide to launch a movie streaming service without the strings of having cable subscription.

It has been repeatedly said that if copyright owners, content creators, and all anti-piracy activists would understand that, everything would become easier and the fruitless war against online piracy would finally come to an end.

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