Friday, 26 July 2013

Oh Please Put It Away!

Man ordered to cover up his massive ‘anatomically correct’ gargoyle

DAVID Smith has erected a big gargoyle in the grounds of his Paulden, Arizona, home. The nine-foot-tall statue in his yard boasts a 13-foot wing span. The statue is naked. And not everyone likes the view.
“I thought I was living in a free country,” says Smith. of his creation that he assures us is anatomically correct and proportionally sized”.
How does he know the demon is anatomically correct? Can’e demons be out of proportion, like people with big ears and tiny feet? He adds:
“It just seemed like it needed to be there.I don’t like Ken dolls. It wasn’t put there to offend anybody. That isn’t the reason. Everything has a sex.”
He’s right. Get a load of those trees.

The upshot is that the county has told Smith must be be on public view. He must remove the statu, dress it in hot pants and boob tunes or face a fone of up to $1,000.
Smith says he wont’t. He says the the metal beast is “an extension of himself”.
Other men get a sports car. He gets a gargoyle…

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