Thursday, 5 November 2009

Even More Bumper Stickers

“I may be a cold hearted and an unloving bitch, but I'm damn good at it”
“How am I driving? Call 1800-KISS-MY-ASS”
“I'm not an alcoholic, Alcoholics go to meetings, I am a drunk!”
“Don’t laugh at my ride, your daughter may be in it!”
“Horn broke watch for finger”
“I'm not psychotic, I can’t read your mind.”
“Keep staring I might do a trick.”
“Chicks dig my ride.”
“I found Jesus... he was behind the coach the whole time.”
“I didn't sell my soul to Satan...... but we did work out a rent to own deal.”
“Dyslexic satan worshipers think they're worshipping Santa.”
“I haven't been the same since that house fell on my sister.”
“I smile because I have no Idea what’s going on.”
“Guys: just because you have one, doesn't mean you have to be one.”
“STOP FOLLOWING ME, I don't know where I'm going.”

“It takes a bitch like me to love a bastard like him.”
“If god wanted people to be queer he would have created Adam and Steve.”
“Ass, gas or grass no one rides for free.”
“Safe Sex Sucks So Screw Someone Special.”
“If you're gonna ride my ass, could you at least pull my hair!?”
“Let go of my ears, I know what I'm doin!”
“Who Lit the Fuse on YOUR Tampon??”
“Maybe you could driver better if that phone was up your ass?”