Friday, 6 November 2009

Dancing Queen

Buttock-rubbing drink-driver tries to dance with cop

A woman has found out the hard way that, if you've been pulled over for drink-driving, trying to dance with the police officer and rubbing your buttocks on his leg won't actually stop him arresting you.

The woman's problems began when she pulled up close to where the excellently-named Sheriff's patrol deputy Randy Grob was doing some paperwork, in a church car park in Bayou George, Florida. The woman, whose eyes were red and weeping, rolled down her window and offered to survey Grob's home, and any other property he owned.

She then backed out into the road, forcing the traffic to stop, and drove off. Grob chased after her, and pulled her over. At this point, the woman told Grob that she 'knew what he needed', and promptly gave him a menu from a steak house.

Grob then spotted a pint bottle of vodka on the car's passenger seat, and a wine glass on the floor.

As other deputies arrived on the scene, the woman - identified as Verleen Anglin of Panama City - got out of the car and 'skipped' towards them.

Asked to stand on one leg as part of a sobriety test, the woman instead tried to dance with the officer. Grob wrote in his report that she 'began to 'dance with the stars,' grabbed me and twirled herself several times and attempted to rub on my legs using her butt.'

She was arrested, and charged with DUI.

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