Saturday, 16 May 2009

Don't you just love the French!

Don't you just love the French!!!!!......They must be the only country that can get up the noses of just about every country in the World......Over the past few days we were entertained by the French "fishermen" blockading the busiest channel ports.....Of course being French they thought it made things right by apologising for the disruption they were causing......Which in their mind made thing alright!!!!!!.....The blockade was about EU quotas which of course the garlic munching deadheads had already met.....They tend to forget all the illegal fishing practices they got up to when the UK had a territorial fishing limit or the night time practice of fishing then selling their catch on the "black market".....The French Government stepped in, after three days, by offering them a financial package but guess fucking what.....The French "fishermen" are still not happy and so there will be more blockades to look forward to!!!!

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