Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Runaway From The Circus??

Runaway camel caught by police after circus escape

A camel’s attempt to leave the circus has ended in failure after it was rounded up by surprised police officers in Dortmund, Germany.
At first, authorities did not believe reports the animal was on the loose – thinking a prank was being played by some youngsters.
‘[The calls] started to come in from all over the town and we thought it was a group of kids mucking about,’ an officer said.
‘It was only when we realised there was a circus in town that we put two and two together.’
Police were able to corner the two-humped camel, which is native to parts of central Asia, as he roamed around town by himself and then called circus workers to come and collect it.
‘At first they denied any knowledge of it, which we thought was a bit odd,’ the police spokesperson continued.
‘Then they came back, very embarrassed, and admitted that, yes, one of their camels had gone missing and they were on their way.’

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