Saturday, 2 February 2013

Extra Sprinkles? You’re Fired!

McDonald’s staff sacked for adding extra chocolate topping
A McDonald's emploee was given £3,000 in out of court settlement after she was sacked for sprinkling extra chocolate on a friend's McFlurry, reports Daily Mail.
She was charged with gross misconduct for what the firm termed as 'giving away free food'.
The 19-year-old girl did a small favour for her colleague but it was described as a major misconduct by her employees when they sacked her. She admits that when a colleague who was buying the dessert asked for a generous sprinking of chocolate over her McFlurry, she did giv e a little more but then she claims that there is no standard and precise measure and the amount of chocolate topping does vary among clients.
The teenager decided to take her employers to an employment tribunal. She was not only awarded £3,000 in out of court settlement but also termed an 'exceptional' employee.

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