Saturday, 30 June 2012

A Great Tip!!

Waiter Gets $5000 Tip

Greg Rubar works at D’Amico’s, an Italian restaurant in Texas. He’s been working there for 16 years.
A couple who regularly come to the restaurant, and have been for the past eight years, gave him a tip he definitely won’t forget in a hurry. Five thousand big ones!
Who gives a $5000 tip, especially with the way the economy is? Well, this couple does!
Why did they give him that much? Well, there’d been some recent thunderstorms in Houston and Greg’s car had unfortunately been damaged in the midst of it all. The couple gave him the tip so he could buy a replacement car.
When Greg was initially given the money, he didn’t know how much was in it. He probably thought it was just a regular tip. No wonder he was speechless once he realised.
Extremely generous, thoughtful and selfless of the couple to do. The fact they’ve chosen to remain anonymous makes them even more endearing. They weren’t seeking publicity. Merely looking to help a guy out.

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